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Moving to Tulsa


I have a three year old son and that has been really good for him and for our family to be here. We are able to afford a bigger place to live. We have a backyard to play in. 

Some of these things we couldn't afford in California have been easy to do here in Tulsa.
Stephanie Lloyd
Santa Barbara, CA | Event Operations Coordinator

Moving to Tulsa for me and her,

our blood pressures went down because we are not stressed out anymore. We’re doing things. We’re enjoying things.

We're breathing better air, we're going out walking. We are experiencing life. So that has really taken a toll on me and my health. I'm just a healthier person because I'm able to relax, take a deep breath. And my wife being happy does wonders for me too.

Obum Ukabam
Moreno Valley, CA | Media, Education
When I first moved, I thought, what did I get myself into?

I immediately was very worried and very scared, but I found my tribe. I found people that, finally, were like me. Getting to know Tulsa better, really allowed me to understand that every notion that I had of Tulsa was wrong. 

Christina Springer
Louisville, KY | Education

It’s definitely not easy to live in Los Angeles. The cost of living is crazy, as most people know. But it’s just a difficult place to find community.

I lived there for 18 years and I still felt like I was trying to figure out who my people were.

I was so shocked at how ready people were to welcome me here, not only just within my church community and the Tulsa Remote Community, but just people.

Jenna Boyd
Los Angeles, CA | Actress

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I can't compare it to New York, even if I tried, it's enjoyable for me to see the same people at the same bars and restaurants,

it's enjoyable to feel like I can cowork at the local cafe in my neighborhood and I know all the bartenders names.

And the live music, I've always really loved like roots and country and not really like mainstream pop country, but more of the roots, folk. That element is so rooted in Tulsa.

Teresa Bigelow
New York, NY  |  Media
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What we do

Trae Sjogren
I lived the van life, exploring the Pacific Northwest, before moving to Tulsa.

Since moving to Tulsa, I've leveraged 36 Degrees North's resources and founded a branding and animation firm.

Spencer Schaff
I work in public health research,

which is the reason that I had initially moved to Brooklyn.  Spending the last three months in New York on lockdown, not being able to do anything in New York, I was actually debating whether or not I should move sooner.

Teresa Bigelow
I do public relations. So I run a small PR business.

I work independently with clients across music, technology, alternative lifestyle, a bit of art and culture.

Aynul Habib
I'm the founder of ZenQualify.

It's a hiring marketplace and incentive program to make job changes easier for tech salespeople.

Lynn Thorne
I work full time for a cyber-communications company in California,

and I do employee communications. I also have a freelance marketing agency, Lollipop Copy.  And when I'm not doing writing for that, then I'm working on books.

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Finding new communities

I’m really thankful that I have found the

people that support me regardless of what my skin color look like,

regardless of what my parents look like or what they do with their time.

Christina Springer
Louisville, KY  |  education

Some generalizations that I had about Tulsa before moving probably is that it wasn’t as diverse.

I was thinking maybe it’s in the middle of the country. Maybe I wouldn’t find any Filipinos around.

Or maybe that, I don’t know, it was mostly, probably Republicans more than it is very liberal. So those are kind of some initial sterotypes that I found to be false.

Megan Villanueva
Washington D.C | nonprofit product manager

So as a family, we decided to move to Kendall Whittier Park area.

We like the fact that there is a park there, so I can just literally walk across and enjoy time at the park.

We can also walk to the market, which is important. We are vegans and so I love fresh fruits and vegetables. We love being able to walk down on Saturday and enjoy the atmosphere there.

Khadijah Barber
Northern California | Media & Design

I do swing dancing, which is something else that I discovered through here.

My friend was organizing a series of beginner, Lindy Hop, swing dance lessons. And I had always wanted to learn. So I jumped on that.

It was four weeks, Thursday night, one hour. There were some locals who were involved in the local swing dancing organization that he got to do the instruction for us. And it was awesome.

Elizabeth Mills
Orlando, Florida | Technical Writer
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Life in Tulsa


remoters have bought a home in Tulsa
Relationship Status
43.3% - Single
26.6% - Dating
26.6% - Married
2.2% - Prefer Not to Say
I am married, my husband and I are high school sweethearts,

so we go back, back, back. And I have three children, a 23 year old, a 20 year old, and a 17 year old

Khadijah Barber
Hesperia, CA  |  Media
Since I’ve moved here, I’ve lost 5% body fat and I’ve done 10,000 steps a day

and I don’t have to convince myself to do it.

Aynul Habib
Fayetteville, NC  |  Entrepreneur/Software

I just bought a home in Tulsa. It’s the first home that I’ve bought.

I’ve always wanted to own a home, but being in downtown Seattle, that was just literally impossible.

Buying a home in Tulsa, I could cut my budget into sevenths. So, to afford a home was really easy for me in this area compared to Seattle or San Francisco.

Michael Carney
Seattle, WA  |  Education

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Why we're staying

I was kind of dating cities before, three to six months at a time.

So I feel like I know more about what I want than ever,

and I've also validated it over the last couple of months, and I think I would live here for five years, at a minimum, if not longer. I think that it has a lot of aspects of things I want forever.

Aynul Habib

When I lived in Denver for four years, I moved five times, just looking for that next apartment, just trying to find that better rent rate or just trying to settle into a new space. But in Tulsa, you can afford a house. In Tulsa, you can get settled. So not only are we close to our families,

we can set down roots for the first time in our lives.
Stan Kapok
There was just this immediate warmth and support that I haven’t felt anywhere else.

Just within a span of a few days, there was just this incredible engagement and interest in wanting to get to know me as a person.

Megan Villanueva
Washington D.C | nonprofit product manager

I just completed my full year with Tulsa Remote and

I am staying because I have found a home here.

I have a community here. I have a voice here. I have a presence here and I never have had that before.

Christina Springer
Louisville, KY  |  education
Elizabeth Saunders
Sacramento, CA  |  Education

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